The idea of a golf course in this bucolic Mount Prospect Road setting of Holderness, NH originated in 1948 when the L. J. Carlton family designed the original 9 holes on their farm. It was a dream that for 26 years took a back seat to the requirements of farming this acreage. In 1974, the land was sold to a development partnership who began the actual consruction of the course and the initial 14 adjacent homes. Even then it was a slow process and by 1988 the 14 homes had been constructed but only 2/3 of the course was ready for play. It was not until 1992 under a slightly different partnership that the entire course along with the remaining 20 planned homes were finished.

From 1992 until 2000, Joe Clark sr. the visionary of the project and a registered PGA golf professional managed the course. On his retirement from course management in 2000 the course has enjoyed two other management companies and now for the 2015 season will see a third firm take the reigns. DMS Hospitality Management, with Charles Wibel as General Manager will operate the course for at least the next five years.